Social media for your business.

Social media facilitates community, business growth and collective actions.

It’s the relationship between organization and consumer.



Social media helps get the word out and generate brand awareness. Put you on the map, so to speak.


What we have to offer

Engagement, Reach, Activity.

With our efforts, we help you or your business get known online, ultimately increasing sales and clientele. Through our top industry tactics, we take your brand and shine a spotlight on it. Beyond an increase in followers and sales, we develop authentic, rich relationships with existing and new customers to increase trust, likeness and overall brand value.

Simply put, we produce out-of-this-world results.

Independent of your industry, we promise an increase in activity within 30 days or your money back, that’s how sure we are of our work.

Visit our portfolio page to see our magic at hand.

Our Pricing

We like to keep things simple, so independent of your current follower count, posts per day, industry or platform, it’s one same price.

We can post the amount of times we find necessary as well as produce the postings we find best according to our expertise, or you can decide how many postings you would like per day/per week and we can even send you a content calendar for approval beforehand.

Our social media management service also comes with our organic marketing, which utilizes our connections and tools to get you highly visible and in front of your target audience. With our social media management, your brand can be in some of the most visited magazines and Facebook Groups.

Please note, for LinkedIn, personal account access and premium is encouraged, but not necessary. We consider and do Linkedin more detailed with message marketing, building relevant connections, etc. but will not upcharge.

Per Platform

$125 / per week
  • Includes...
  • Profile Revamp (header, profile picture, stories icons, etc.)
  • Organic Marketing
  • Message responding/monitoring (Dms)
  • Organic audience growth
  • Organic engagement growth
  • Hashtag research
  • Monthly analytics reporting (if requested)
  • Influencer marketing (if requested)
  • Content creation & cultivation (includes captions)
  • Keyword research & implementation
  • Audience research
  • Video & photo editing

Interested in working with us? Great!

Feel free to visit our contact us page so we can get in touch and/or fill out our questionnaire below.

Client onboarding questionnaire

The first step to creating a winning social media strategy, is to allow us to dig deeper and have a good understanding of your business and objectives. Please provide as much information as possible so we can kick-off a successful social media relationship. This is optional, but does help us understand your brands needs and perform better.