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Keren Franca


Your go-to gal.

The online world and social media has been a part of my whole life, starting in 9th grade when I voluntarily chose to go to online school. Later on, at the age of 17, this gave me the opportunity to start single handedly running a family friend’s business (which has now boomed), sparking my interest and passion for learning about how businesses grow and to ultimately help other businesses grow. I wanted to offer more than simply what I have already known at that time, so from there on out, I dived head first into the marketing world, taking extensive courses and classes to extend my expertise to digital marketing, graphic design, website designing and even offline marketing materials.

All of this gives me more than 5 years of experience in this field, with past experience working as an in-house marketer, social media manager and digital marketer coordinator for notable companies, such as Omni Advertising. Now, with a Bachelor’s in Public Relations from the University of Florida, I’m even further skilled in organic and paid marketing for your business.

Growing up in America with Brazilian parents also allows me to offer my services in English and Portuguese. While my ability to speak Spanish stems from my interest in other cultures and learning.


Let's stay pawsative here.

I want everyone to see life as rosy as my tongue. I think cuddles and snuggles help achieve this AND make everyone’s day a little better. Would you like one?



Hoagie Souza

Human Resources

Buddy Franca

Security & Head of Fun

It's a pawty!

I bring smiles and sticks to the team, but I’ll also chase after an intruder or two. Like my favorite superhero said (Spiderman) “You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.”

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