About the company

There’s not much to us. We’re just a ‘lil ‘ol women-led, women-founded one-stop-shop for businesses interested in growing their online presence as well as gaining clients through the internet.

We started out in 2016 with our founder working in-between an in-house marketing positions and freelancing, ultimately choosing to stick to the latter. After becoming a successful freelancer in this field, she came up with this idea of a great big mesh between a Public Relations agency, Digital Marketing agency, marketing material provider and just everything we are today.

Our clients

These are a few brands we've either worked with in the past or are currently working with.

What makes us different? Easy.

Not only is this an easy question, but quite literally, our easiness makes us stand out from competitors. We will always uphold simplicity, accessibility, and flexibility. 

That’s why we offer our services in English, Spanish and Portuguese. This makes it easier for you if you predominantly speak any of these languages, as well as your clients, if they’re your major clientele base as well as what groups you want to tap into.

We also tried to make the pricing easy to understand for you, with no fees, contracts or gimmicks. Sometimes, we’ll even throw in a few free things here and there to make it easy on you, too.


We're also human.

Anyone else notice how agencies seem to lose their personal touch with their clients? That’s what we aim to never do, no matter how big we get. We hear you out, take in constructive criticism and even ask for your opinion/approval on some things, if necessary. We also seek to build relationships with our clients.

We also will never be robotic or like the others, choosing to never use templates, same themes and schemes or recycling text. We fully cater and tailor our service to you and your brand.

We also aim to always make you fully satisfied. Our client’s happiness is our happiness as well as their success being our success, too.

We have our own rule of thirds.


Be transparent.

Honesty truly is the best policy for us. We aim to always be transparent and tell it like it is. We simply find no need to lie, hide or deceive, our proof is in the pudding. Plus, you make more long lasting relationships that way.



Be innovative.

We truly believe that the journey of learning is infinite and that our uniqueness is a virtue. That’s why we always seek the best new methods, systems and software to produce the best possible results that are unmatched and inimitable.




Be good.

Being good turns into doing good. Whether it’s through our sustainability efforts, building relationships with clients, community involvement, donations or our work itself, we aim and try to be good. Such a simple word, yet such a high standard these days.


Overall, our team of experts are here for you.

For more info on who makes up MMM… feel free to meet us on another page.

You've got the questions,

we've got the answers.

All over the U.S. as well as Brazil! With our bilingual team, we aim to bring solutions to all businesses across these two countries. We often travel for clients, if necessary, too.


We’re in south Florida, Deerfield Beach. Don’t let this fool you, though. We can gain you clients anywhere!


Yes! Non-profit organizations, Churches and all establishments alike get a discount on whatever they’re interested in (Social media management, website creation, etc.).

Special pricing comes into play when a client wants to pursue in, what we like to call, “the full package.” This is three or more of our services (i.e, social media management, website and business cards). This is automatically taken into consideration when we give you a quote.

Other discounts, for any reason, will be displayed on our Google MyBusiness page as well as on our “Services” page.


If you can pay your friend, you can pay us. We accept all major money transfer and payment options such as Zelle, Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, check and cash.


Depends on the project. Some are labeled as per week so we accept payments accordingly or, at most, every two weeks. 

Other projects, such as website designing, business administration and virtual assistant services are pay half when the project begins and the remainding when you are fully satisfied.


Never have, never will. Even though we know you won’t, you’re free to leave us at any time at no cost to you.

If you would like an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), it is up to you to mention and provide this upon working with us.


Yes! Just take note that (sometimes) we sleep and get off our computers, so the fastest times that we’ll respond is 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. every day.


Yes! Send us a message just explaining some general ideas or just your business and we can come up with a FREE business plan for you.


Yes! We’d love to expand the team, so feel free to send us your resume and how you can make us better and we can take it from there.

We might aslo have some volunteering or internship opportunities currently available, so send us an email, don’t be shy!


Depends on your business, where you’re at right now in your business journey and what are your top priorities right now for your business. Contact us with more info about your business and we can get you set up with a FREE business plan.


Any! Small, medium, large… Whatever size you are, whoever you are, we accept and embrace you with open arms. We don’t really stick to a niche. Instead, we create or adapt to your voice and overall presence. We even work with influencers!


No, unless you’re doing Public Relations work with us.

A 10% fee is applied over the whole Public Relations plan for any unexpected costs in any public relations work. This is automatically calculated in the total we give you.